Wednesday, June 4, 2008

All Good Things Must Come to an End - Part One

Panama came and went. It wasn't it's fault. Unfortunately we had no choice but to quickly make our way through it. It is another country that deserves another look for another trip. Beautiful when it wasn't pouring buckets of rain. This morning Eric and I arrived in Chicago from Costa Rica, to be greeted by the folks. As a whole, Eric and I both felt that our journey has been an epic adventure. But I think everyone who has ever been on a long trip grows anxious at the end to come home to the familiar. When you run out of money, it is amazing how quickly the outside world crashes back into your life where thoughts of the journey, excitement and the unknown give way to the responsible thoughts of getting an income and supporting yourself. It is a bitter taste after 5 months of so much freedom. But in the end, it is a temporary pause for work, that once completed, allows you to get back to a point when you can let the travel bug loose again. I can´t wait.


  1. Mike, thank you for taking us along and sharing your beautiful photos and wonderful stories. Best wishes to your life's next chapter.