Thursday, October 16, 2008

Clear Creek Ranch

My photo shoots were spread out over the last three weekends. Each weekend I would spend a day at each place. Clear Creek was the second destination of the first weekend and a much different experience than Antelope Creek. Where Antelope Creek leans more to the creature comforts of a beautiful lodge and fine dining cooked by top chef Donny Dye, Clear Creek was set up more for the type of person who is looking for the more rustic weekend. It was on a private family ranch where you find cozy little cabins buried amongst thick vegetation and a crystal clear, big trout infested Clear Creek. Unfortunately we were unable to catch any of the numerous 18+ inch rainbows that were cruising around. Beautiful all the same and it is a place worth checking out.

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  1. What creek mile is "Clear Creek Ranch" located?? I've never seen it out there...