Friday, February 29, 2008

There's just Something about Chile - Part Two

For as glamorous and wonderful as the EMB was for me, it was an environment that I really felt out of place in. Mark's lodge was more in my comfort zone. Based on a log cabin design, I quickly was reminded of the warm, cozy feeling of my family's cabin in northern Wisconsin. Over the last twenty so years, Mark has been guiding up in Alaska and when he built his Tierra del Fuego fishing gem, he brought along the comforts and rustic looks of a lodge straight out of the northern hemisphere. It's a place where you can still find all the creature comforts but the emphasis and bulk of the experience is based on the fish. Fishable waters here are plentiful. So much that Mark has only been able to explore just a handful of them.

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  1. Nice shots. Love the cabin, and the lovely picture of the dining room table set for 10? 12?

    You lucky dog.

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