Thursday, September 25, 2008

Let there be Light, Ring light that is

So I was surfing around on the Internet the other day on my day off and was catching up on some of the photo blogs that I follow. I came across multiple construction plans for a mock ring light setup for hand strobes. These are the type of lights that fashion and portrait photographers like to use to achieve the really cool lighting effect with shadows and awesome skin tones. Actual professional company made ring lights retail for over $1400.00. Not cheap. But I really liked the look of the types of photos that one can produce. Having nothing but time and a surplus of cardboard, tin foil and tape on I thought I would give it a go and build one myself. Low and behold it worked. This is a picture that I made of my photo editor Brad and then one of my eyes. Notice the cool shadow outlines silhouetting him and for the close ups, the ring glow reflection in my eyes. You can be sure that I am just starting to scrape the surface of cool effects this lighting set up can create. More to come. -M

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