Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I am not a parent yet. Yet a recent assignment made me think about how I would be as a parent who's had a kid searching for that perfect Halloween costume. The other day I went to photograph a kids halloween parade and stumbled across this little boy that was dressed up as a "Deadly Surgeon". When ninety nine percent of the kids were wearing costumes of in the Disnet PG range, this kid was six years old and was decked out in a bloody outfit of death and carnage that would easily hold rank in the adult horror movies category. It was a shocking contrast to what other parents would let their kids dress up as. I found it humorous yet a bit over the top. To each their own I guess. Still my own person jury is out on what I would let my future kid wear as a costume.

Hear are some more images that I have taken in the last couple of days ranging from the scary holiday festivities, the hardcore parent fans, to an Annual cross county race for grade school kids.

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  1. Ah, who you kidding? You're going to be such a push-over for your children!! ;)