Friday, November 14, 2008

The Commute Begins

After a three month stint of living in the community I am shooting for, I opted to change things up a bit in attempts to bring back a little sanity in my life. I have relocated to the small little college town of Davis, CA and with it have tacked on a half hour one way commute to my day. Nothing against Fairfield, just need a more youthful social scene that I wouldn't have to drive to on the weekends. Davis is super bike friendly town and reminds me a lot of my old college town of Missoula, MT minus the mountains. I look forward to exploring it. Even better news...It now cuts the driving distance to Tahoe in half. The ski season is upon us here in California! Thanks for looking, -M


  1. Davis is a great town; enjoy it!

  2. M, stepping out in a new setting is always rewarding! I hope for the best for you and I know you'll make the very best of it!

  3. Yeay! Sounds like the move was much needed. I'll try to visit soon! And you're always welcome here on the coast, hint hint...