Saturday, January 31, 2009

Laughter in the Night - An Evening at Pepperbelly's Comedy Club

The other night I got an assignment to document a local comedy club here in town for a vacant/emergency opening story slot in the paper. Here is the little piece I wrote with the photos.

As the final half-light of the day bleeds into night and Fairfield transitions from work to play, a billboard beacon glows golden in the sleepy downtown sky. In the midst of the awakening night life stands Pepperbellys Comedy and Variety Club. Six days a week the big glass doors open, welcoming the young and old into one of the premier comedy clubs in the Bay Area where the stand-up routines of traveling comedians, variety acts and karoake entertain throughout the evening. As the night ripens, the club smoothly transitions from a single comedian in a golden spotlight to a packed dance floor bathed a dynamic multicolor. And as the night wanes, customers leave with music rhythms pounding in their memories, phone numbers written on napkins and smiles on their faces. Until the next time.

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