Friday, May 16, 2008

The Amazon ¨Officially¨ - Part Three

Swinging on jungle vines, sampling jungle fruits and eating grub, literally. I guess Eric and I both came into this trip with the goal of having an open mindset to trying new things. We found out quickly that the jungle provided many opportunities to test ours. Bananas are grown all over this region. I haven´t eaten a banana in twenty odd years. As a kid my mom used to cut up brown bananas on my cereal doing her best to remove the bad parts but by then the whole fruit was a discusting slimey mess and visions of vomit soon followed. I vowed never to eat them again. But they say time is a healer. After constant badgering from Eric, I finally tried a piece. didn´t kill me but the jury is still out on that subject. Some things came easily like drinking water out of cut vines. Our guide introduced us to a lot of plants and things that could be consumed if one where so inclined. But when he provided us with a leaf full of maggots, well somehow I just found myself a bit hesitant. But when in Rome. Think luke warm tapioca pudding in a rubber shell and you are in the ball park of the taste experience of these little jungle delicacies.

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