Saturday, May 10, 2008


Well after a long dusty hitchhike on a truck bed and a couple smelly buses, Eric and I returned to Cuzco. We had a day to wash some clothes and do some last minute exploring before we were set to head back towards the Amazon Basin. Wouldn´t you know it we stumbled back into our buddies Arjan and Saune from Holland and strolled the indoor markets (dIscounts on hog heads and toes) and then had a couple pints at the local Irish Pub.

Cuzco marked an important milestone in our trip not just because we climbed to Machu Picchu but more importantly we finished the discusting tube of Chilean tooth paste that we have been stuck with for the last two months. I admit now that it was an impulsive purchase on my part. In Puerto Montt, Chile I was without my trusty tooth brush (lost and forgotten somewhere) and I saw the brush-paste combo and bought without careful examination. Huge mistake. At first you wonder how one company could screw up toothpaste but this crap plagued us. Finally after all this time of bad, bitter aftertaste and shame we rid ourselves of it and celebrated by buying a new tube of mint Colgate. I can´t wait till I return to the states and rekindle my Crest kid status. For now Colgate is a welcomed relief.

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