Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Boat from Pucallpa to Iquitos - Part Five

For as cramped as we all were, everyone was in good spirits. The hold had a cheerful pressence to it created from its occupants in it together for the four day haul. Laughter could always be heard coming from the crowds gathered around listening to the comic performances put on by some of the other passengers. Latin music blared. Loud. Often times in the early morning. Mothers breast fed there infants openly. Eric and I taught the girls how to play rummy and despite the language barrier they quickly started whooping our butts. The girls sit on the dirty mattresses making bead necklaces to sell as Anna changes their little brother´s diaper. I read two books and had plenty of cat naps. We felt like pirates hanging in our hammocks. The boat was a lot like a huge slumber party turned Lord of the Flies. We were all in this together. I was in a good mood, but as the third day floated by and gave way into the fourth, my body yearned to be clean and the closed quarters started to get to us gringos. Luckily we arrived in Iquitos early that morning.

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