Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fishing the Devil

Towards the end of our week at the Patagonian Base Camp, Ryan Peterson of the Fly Shop, PBC guide Kris Kennedy and I did a recon float of the ``Rio Diablo.`` For the past week the weather had been crystal clear but as our morning drive lengthened to an hour and a half driving on mud splattered roads decorated with stray cattle, the dark grey clouds refused to leave and the heavens opened up.

Rain is a paradox for a fisherman. This year has been unusually hot and the large drought has insued causing low water levels and ever increasing pressure on the fisheries. The more water the better the fishing. So with this morning´s promise of heavy showers, you would think we would be pleased. After all they needed it badly. But such was not the case.

As we pulled the raft off the trailor, the rainfall dewindled and then stopped. Nobody commented on it so as not to jinx our day. We lucked out. We made out way through the narrow canyon catching what seemed like hundreds of near blue backed colored rainbow trout. Epic day.

They say all good things must come to an end and as the clocked struck 5 pm the rains remembered us and we were soaked within minutes.

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