Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Get the message

I think when someone goes traveling to a different country, part of the fun is observing the little differences of say, the infastructure. Maybe it´s just me. Take for instance road signs. We have them in the states just like they have them here in Chile. No surprise there. But what did strike me as humorous was the way that they portray the signs. You might see a sign in the states indicating a narrow mountain pass or drive with caution written in words, yet here in Chile you get a picture of your car driving off the side of a cliff. Or when you would be driving in the states and see a sign for Falling Rock. As a kid, my grandfather would say that Falling Rock was an old Native American chief who walked throughout the mountains and forest. Years later the joke finally was corrected. But as gullible as I may have been as a child thank god I wasn´t driving in Chile with him to see the sign that indicates that your vehicle will be pummeled by meteors. I think that they are just a lot more blunt down here. Once you get past the humor, they are actually a nice change.

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