Friday, March 14, 2008

Up for Air

For the few who regulary check in with my traveling adventures, (Hi Aca and Grandma) an absence of my daily blog updates has been accuring. The reason being that for the last three and a half weeks I have been without email, phones or any type of communication devises save for wind chimes and the daily hoot and hollar of a fisherman signaling a fish on mid stream. It has been an incredible month for me and as you can imagine, extremely busy. I will be sure to bring you all up to speed with the stories and pictures to boot. I have reached the end of my lodge hopping journey and have resurfaced for the second time in the small city of Puerto Montt. Tommarrow I will re connect with my brother Eric and slam back into the life of a poor, but happy backpacker. So sit back and let me bring you up to speed.

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