Friday, April 4, 2008

Bungee Jump - Part Two

On our long road to Bolivia, Eric and I have been hanging out in Salta for the last couple of days trying to get visas. To accomplish this task, citizens of the United States must complete a laundry list of things that you need to show and prove to the consulate. This process turned into a run around town making copies and preparations only to get back to them and they are closed and the next day is a Argentina holiday. So we all of a sudden had a couple extra days to kill. So when an opportunity knocks, you do the only sensible thing, bungee jumping. Neither Eric or I had ever done it before but it was everything you could hope it to be. We hitchhiked with some Holland friends of ours out to this bridge that stood 40 km above a lake. I must say it is the mosy surreal feeling to jump and then be recoiled back up again after a dunk in the water. I highly reccommend it. Tonight we are taking a bus to the Bolivian border crossing on our way to the Uyuni desert.

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