Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cuzco, Peru

Cuzco is probably most well known as the epicenter of the great Incan Empire and even today it lays claim to being the oldest and consistently occupied city in South America. It´s existance dates back to the 12th century. Nowadays it maintains it´s strong heritage by being the diving board for tourists interested in emersing themselves in the Incan history and to the numerous Incan archeological sites that are scattered across Peru. The bread and butter of these sites being the infamous Machu Picchu which Eric and I set as one of the must see activities of our trip. The only problem is that we were quickly running out of money. To hike the famous Inca trail up to the sight required a couple months notice reservation and about $400.00 US. Another option was to take a train and bus combo for a couple hundred dollars. Neither of these options were in our budget.

Through the grapevine of the backpacker world, we came across another option. Apparently there was a way to take back roads and hike train tracks towards the Incan city. These details also described a way to poach it. We were intrigued and set our plans in motion to get there on the cheap. It would prove to be a very long adventurous journey.

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