Monday, April 21, 2008

Salar de Uyuni - Day Three, Part One

Again we are up with the sun and out on the prowl for lagunas. We find many but the treat of the day is the Arbol de Piedra, an area where erosion has turned large sandstone rock formations into a tree like appearance. We spent about an hour rock climbing over the formations with visions of dinosaurs and the mentality of ten year olds. At this point of the trip, the dust has become us. We breathe it, sweat it, and eat it. So when we came to the sandstone we needed a realise. Lots of fun. We hit a couple more lagunas and eat luch while watching Margarita gather a type of algea used for soups along a salt marsh. We get two more flat tires. We are loving life and anxious for the Salar tommarrow morning.

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