Sunday, April 20, 2008

Reconnecting with New Friends

Eric and I arrived to the Bolivian city of Tupiza on our route to the Salar de Uyuni after a slow hot train ride. Not long after we arrived we were sitting on a bench in the city square, planning our next move, when we spotted some friends of ours walking past us. We met Arjan and Sanne from Holland in Salta and had planned on meeting up later on the journey so it was a bit of a surpirse to see them. It could not have been a better time. Eric and I had been scouting out possiblities of taking a four day tour of the Salar de Uyuni but it either meant we would have to go with strangers or pay a steep price for just us. Almost all tours around South America are based on the number of people that attend. Almost every hostel and hotel simultaniously run tour operations from their headquarters and the simple fact remains: The more people you have the cheaper it will be. So running into them solved both deliemas. We opted for the four day tour and in the mean time decided to walk around town and then later in the evening hike up one of the peaks around Tupiza for a backpacker stovetop dinner under the stars. You see a lot of interesting things around third world countries small towns. Take for example the stray dog eating a sheep head. This is a strange place and it´s about to get weirder.

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