Monday, April 21, 2008

Salar de Uyuni - Day Two, Part Three

After a relaxing lunch, Lazaro drove us to Laguna Verde where hundreds of rock carnes lead you up over a hill to look our across a sea foam green mass of water. Through out the foru days we came to dozens of lagunas ranging in color from deep amber reds to deep blues but it was Laguna Verde (aka Laguna Green) that really dropped your jaw. An alien green body of water out in this burnt wasteland.

We swung back arround to the hot springs to pick up Margarita and started heading to our second night´s stay. That was up until we got a flat. After so many expeditions into the desert and over the jagged landscape both Margarita and Lazaro were used to them so without a word to eachother, they each grabbed a handful of coca leaves, shoved them into their mouths and got to work. Eric and Sanne took the opportunity to charge the Brunton Solo for charging their iPods. Within no time the tire was swapped out for a new one and we were back on our way. It turns out that our guides nonshalont reactions were due to the fact that on average, each expedition goes through about 4-5 tires a trip. That is over a 160 flat tires a year.

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