Monday, December 29, 2008

California Christmas Road Trip - Part One

By some miracle I found out earlier in December that I would have five days off from work around Christmas. This came as a surprise because first year employees at my paper don't get vacation time in their first year. Somehow the stars had alined in my favor and I decided to take full advantage of the sudden time off. My brother Eric unable to make the expensive trip home for the holidays, decided to drive down and have Christmas with me. We decided to follow suit with the past year's tradition of adventure and we made road trip arrangements to explore the California coastline. We headed down to Grover Beach, CA on Christmas Eve to spend the big day with our cousins and their families. We had a great time with them. My cousin Karl has two children, Hannah and Ethan. It was the first time Eric and I had ever really spent a solid chunk of time with them. Now instead of being babies crawling around like in past visits, the two had grown up a bit and were never ending balls of energy anxious to play with their older cousins. These kids are hilarious and I spent some time photographing them as they played out side their house.

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