Tuesday, December 30, 2008

California Christmas Road Trip - Part Two

Eric and I said our goodbyes to the family and decided to spend the next three days driving up Hwy 1 on the California coastline. Our plan, or lack-there-of, was to drive up through Big Sur and spend some time mountain biking throughout the state park. Turns out the Big Sur area got hammered this summer with forest fires and the majority of it was close down for fear of landslides. Probably should have googled that one before hand. We were able to find one campground just off the shoreline and we built up a fire and nurse some cheap beer in conversation. The next day after realizing our bad timing we continued on northward and headed towards Monterey Bay.

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  1. M:
    I believe that in one photo is the famous Bixby Bridge on Hwy 1. Looks like you and Eric had a nice run up the coast. Too bad so much got nuked by the fires.