Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Seeking the Big Boom

I've been wanting to get this up on my blog for the better part of a year now. Back when my brother Eric and I were making our way through Bolivia, we stopped in mountain city of Potosi in hopes of buying some dynamite. This is a video of our expedition to seek out the rumors and purchase something that is pretty impossible to come across legally in the States. Here's a link to my original post:


I decided after months of procrastination (and the fact that it was slow around the office today) to sit down and see what I could make out of the mess. I fused my photographs with Eric's point and shoot camera video sequence of the event. I think you will all get a kick out of it. Happy New Year everybody. Let's start this party off with a bang!


  1. You guys just make me laugh! Happy New Year 2009! JRG

  2. I love how you become so bashful once your on the other side of the camera...