Tuesday, December 30, 2008

California Christmas Road Trip - Part Three

We left Monterey and stopped that night in Santa Cruz to catch up with a good friend of mine named JP who I worked with at a summer camp in Colorado years ago. Eric and I spent some time cruising the boardwalk killing time before JP would get back from a trip of his own. Night had fallen and we decided to explore the source of barking that was coming from an extended pier. These guys were bedding down for the night and it was funny to watch them fight and bicker for a coveted sleeping spot on this narrow bridge. Every now and then you would see one get knocked off and the arguments would ensue.

From Santa Cruz we continued north through San Francisco. I took Eric over the Golden Gate bridge and then up through Napa Valley on the final push back to Davis. It was really good to be back in the presence of by brother again. After spending half the year with him in South America, these last couple of months I had been going through a bit of a withdrawal not having him around. After 867 miles driven, we made it back to my house. Another successful trip.

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